The Dance of the World's Cultures: Poetry and Exposé

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Manging cultural diversity poetically and cognitively
Dance metaphor of culture

To conceptualize the integration of values as a dance as done by THT means drawing on a metaphor used across cultures and civilisations: the interaction of antagonistic/complementary forces in a dance metaphor is contained in the very ideogramme for Tao: three „dancing“ footprints of a magician synchronizing the melodies of heaven and earth, the yin and the yang forces. In the Indian Civilisation the dance of Shiva also represents the forces of creation and destruction. Obviously, the universal concept of a dance, whether Waltz or Tango, epitomizes the interplay between man and woman. And in traditional cultures, e.g. African, the dance ritual surely has an integrative function of entire collectivities, while it constitutes a connection to the transcendental world. Last but not least the very biological systems, as we know since Crick’s discovery of the DNA, are based on a double helix suggesting a dance. So, dance is a universal, integrative phenomenon; a metaphor that aims at transcending duality. The Vienna valse, the tango Porteño, the Dervish, Shiva, the Daoist Magician, the tribal dance, the cosmic macrocosm and the biological microcosm seem to be corybantic! Why should culture not be framed as dance, a fine-tuning of polar opposites? The universal integrates the cultural. „Uni-“means one, the many are contained in the One: Dance is a dialectic mechanism that reconnects and integrates the diverse antagonistic forces into their underlying Oneness. And the whole is always bigger than the sum of the parts.
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