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Personality disorders are on the rise. As a result, more and more people are finding themselves in relationships with Narcissists. Lisa E. Scott, author of the groundbreaking book, It’s All About Him, has helped women everywhere recognize a Narcissis read more ...
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This paper summarizes some of the research on older people as offenders, in particular the elderly in prison. The definition of 'old' is explained and used for every topic in this paper. The actual amount of the older prisoner population is showed an read more ...
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Concealed Hypnosis - how to use?
Concealed Hypnosis Nobody is supposed to realise that a hypnosis is being done. Done on the highest level this art is not recognisable. One possible use could be to get rid of upcoming problems in a discussion before they even escalate! It als read more ...
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Happiness through Self-Actualisation
True happiness, lasting happiness can be achieved through a process known as Self-Actualisation, or Self-Realisation. This is a natural state and within the reach of all human beings. It comes from having satisfied all of one’s human needs. This read more ...
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How to Conquer Stress and Nervous Tension
This is a very PERSONAL manuscript. These are my brief notes I took whilst in a deep, deep valley about fifteen years ago and they’ve sat on my old computer since then. I’ve included them just as I wrote them (with no editing) and have used the symbo read more ...
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A humorous and “mad” look at how to make the most of yoursel
A humorous and “mad” look at how to make the most of yourself. How to utilize your most probably unfulfilled potential to the fullest… as well as finding the “crazy” bits in you. The “secrets” by someone who thinks he has now found them – by “thro read more ...
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Quotations that I like... very muchQuote Unquote”: Quotation
This is one of my first manuscripts and a rather short one at that - just like the author. I have also included a separate section on motivational quotes for all salespeople and on business in general ( see Part Two). These often helped me in my rath read more ...
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How to Survive Life?
This is Craig’s first book: A collection of writings on various subjects to help every man or woman survive in a rapidly changing, uncertain world… after the “easy living and prosperity” of the seventies and eighties. An introductory look at the conc read more ...
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Es handelt sich hierbei um eine 26-seitige Abhandlung des Buches 'Give a boy a gun', jedoch nicht beschränkt auf die Handlung oder Charaktere, sondern vielmehr darum bemüht, Verbindungen zur Realität herzustellen. In diesem Zusammenhang widmet sich d read more ...
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The Weight Loss Program that brings you lasting Happiness!
DIETS DON’T WORK! If you are here because all your weight loss attempts have failed, please take 2 minutes and discover how to lose weight and stay slim for the rest of your life. There is only one way to lose weight and stay slim and healthy for read more ...
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