The Life and Death of Gutter Art

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Publication date: 01/02/2018
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Experimental Short Fiction and Poetry Anthology
Reaching out across the bleached white veldt to infect the flickering screen with a moment of insanity, Teri Louise Kelly’s short story/poetry anthology ‘Punktuation’ is a literary oil slick drifting slowly toward the burning shore. Having already deconstructed her “art form” with a veritable glossary of bastardisations, incestuous syntax and gob-spitting grammar, the erstwhile Ms Kelly continually has her execution stayed. There is no way of telling fact from fiction, poetry from toilet door graffiti, she claims, and in ‘Punktuation’ she drifts (seemingly aimlessly) from subject matter to subject matter as casually as a rent boy wandering Piccadilly Circus looking for a buyer. There are many reasons why generations to come will admire and appreciate her decadent candour, today however she still has rent to pay, demons to slay and dependency issues to address. She is, much like her hero Brendan Behan, a drinker with writing problems. Those problems become obvious to even the most deranged reader the moment he, she or it, decides they feel lucky and steps into ‘Punktuation’ class with Fraulein Kelly. So, are you feeling lucky punk?
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She comes from someplace else. She was once a petulant little boy. She has been a dominatrix. She has pole danced in Soho, London. She is a five book (tree) author and a six book e author. She has been described variously as a storm trooper, a femme fatale and a gutter wrestler. Her work induces vibrating polarity and she is a gender and genre crosser. Her poetry and improvised spoken word has a caustic reality and a blatant sexual depravity. She blasphemes conventionality and bridges the gaping chasm in a flawed binary system.

“In other times in other places there were always writers. Writers fill a need, although, quite what that need actually is has never been fully determined. Mainly, writing is just a bunch of words on a page, or as it is now – on a screen. There are hundreds of thousands of words and all bar about six hundred or so are absolutely useless, which is why I don’t use them.”

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