Zen Koans: Ancient Wisdom for Today

Ancient wisdom of Japan you can use today

Author: David Tuffley
Pages: 65
Language: English
Publication date: 20/04/2011
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Modern rendering of the classic Koans
The kōan is an enigmatic or paradoxical question used to develop a person’s Intuition. Kōans are a valuable tool in your quest for enlightenment, but how do they work and why use them?

Kōans work by confounding logic and forcing a person out of their normal thinking and into the realm of Intuition. In other words, the inherent meaning is inaccessible to rational understanding, but perhaps accessible to Intuition.

This book presents some of the classic kōans from traditional Zen, originally written hundreds of years ago in Japanese, and re-interpreted from early English translations into early 21st Century English. The underlying meaning is still there, so they will still work as a kōan should, but they are expressed in language more easily understood by people in the 21st Century.

Each kōan encapsulates a profound truth for reflection. Zen counsels the lessening of the ego, not the strengthening of it as consumer culture would urge. Instead of making a name for ourselves in society, we should listen to the voice of pines and cedars when no wind stirs, in other words become no-thing, entering instead the field of pure being that is behind the phenomenal world.
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Dr. David Tuffley is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Ethics and SocioTechnical Studies at Griffith University’s School of ICT. A regular contributor to mainstream media on the social impact of technology, David is a recognized expert in his field. Before academia David worked as an IT Consultant in Australia and the United Kingdom, a role he continues to perform when not educating the next generation of IT professionals. David is an engaging science communicator of many years experience, David was a guest panelist in the 2017 World Science Festival and a wide variety of high profile public events.

David's academic background includes fields as diverse as Psychology, Anthropology, Classical Rhetoric and English literature at the University of Queensland. David is an engaging professional speaker and forum moderator of many years experience.

David's formal qualifications include a PhD (Software Engineering), Master of Philosophy (Information Systems), Grad Cert in Higher Education (all from Griffith University), Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology, English Literature, Anthropology (University of Queensland)

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