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Publication date: 01/06/2016
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6 Million References, Hebrew, Greek & 7 Dictionaries, 3 Bible Translations
This English Study Bible gives the reader a unique ability to do an in-depth study using one ebook only instead of a set of ebooks. It contains The King James Bible (1611, Pure Cambridge, Authorized Version) and New Heart English Bible (2010) and World English Bible (2000) translation. It includes 7 dictionaries and the Strongs Concordance. It has 5,955,837 references. It contains 5 different formats of the Bible. It is, to put it short - huge. And it makes for an extraordinary Study Bible in digital format. It includes The King James Bible and The New Heart English Bible and World English Bible formatted in a Study and Navigation friendly format, or the 'navi' format for short. Here you will find each verse printed in the kjb-nheb-web order. And the text in the primary Bible, King James Bible, is linked to the dictionaries where a definition exists, word by word. Then it includes a full copy of King James Bible coupled with 393,828 Cross References from the open source project at openbible.info. And the Cross References are not just a reference, but includes the full copy of the referenced verse in place. This is important if it is to be of practical usage, but it also means the size of this format is substantially larger than the standard King James Bible. In addition to this it also includes a full copy of what you would expect the standard 'plain vanilla' King James Bible to be. Especially easy to navigate, just like the other formats. In addition it also includes a full copy of the King James Strongs Bible where every word is linked to The Strongs Concordance with the original words in Hebrew for The Old Testament and Greek for The New Testament. We have also included the most used gematria calculations to the Hebrew words and one method for the Greek Strongs. Niqquds is not supported in this ebook. Then a full copy of both the King James Bible and New Heart English Bible and World English Bible, tailored Text-To-Speech (TTS) software technology. Most of the verses in the Bible formats are interlinked, so switching from one format to the other is usually only a click away.There are 7 dictionaries included, all taken from the Public Domain as are also the Bibles included. The dictionaries make for an enriched study of the biblical text by linking to the definitions and topics directly from the text itself. We know God speaks directly to His children, not just some, but to each individual. And we believe The Bible is a divine scripture, breathed by God Himself, and that studying it gives a solid knowledge of the real life, which is where the Bible dictionaries come in. Often you will find gold nuggets through researching a topic deeper, and to enhance their usability we have interlinked them, word by word, just as we link from the biblical texts. Each entry in a dictionary also has its English Gematria sum calculated, for those of you who are interested in it. We often find ourselves lost in the dictionaries so to speak because of the simplicity of usage built in, and we love it. Sometimes it is the strongs concordance, at other times it is the topic or the meaning of a name in a given dictionary that triggers us.
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