My Journey of Faith


Author: Craig Lock
Pages: 30
Language: English
Publication date: 05/09/2011
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To the light within us all.


To the light within us all.

'I believe as individuals it is up to us to honour and reflect Christ's glory. We do that by serving and sharing our 'God-given' talents. They are our gift from our Creator, but what we do with those talents is our 'gift to God'. I want to shine my own little light on the world as brightly as I can. This is my 'little gift to God' and my life purpose.'
- Craig Lock
Started 10th October 2001.

Again 21/04/02. I don't know what else to do with my life here, but step out in faith and WRITE - with 'all my heart and soul' to honour and glorify God, my Creator through my words. I don't know HOW, or whether this manuscript will EVER be published. I just know it WILL, if I leave it in God's hands, as I can't do anything more in my current circumstances. I get rejected for every job, I apply for. I have financial worries; yet I know I'll get through by trusting in the Lord (as I've always got by).


To my dear sons, Gareth and Sean, who have had to put up with me and my bloody writing for so long. Thanks guys for being so tolerant and giving me such wonderful joy each and every day. I love you in the special way I have written about in these pages. With the gratitude of a father's heart, I dedicate this to you. Through the love of my Heavenly Father, who has taught me, I give this teaching to them, as the finest expression of my love. Hopefully one day you'll get to find for yourselves, the 'spark of God', that lies within each one of us. It is what sustains me to 'keep on keeping on' in following what I believe to be my 'true destiny'.

And to my dear ex-wife, Marie, whose encouragement, unquestioning love and devotion in the past sustained and inspired me in this journey called life.

And finally,
To Him, God, Lord of the Universe, I lovingly dedicate this writing.
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