My Spiritual Journey. a Journey of Faith

'My Talks With God'

Author: Craig Lock
Pages: 60
Language: English
Publication date: 21/09/2011
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This manuscript is a collection of thoughts I've jotted down over the years alon
This manuscript is a collection of thoughts I've jotted down over the years along the spiritual path that is my personal journey of faith. It’s my record of thoughts along this writing path. In fact, this manuscript is a 'total leap of faith', not knowing how or when it will ever be published.
But if these words are true, then God WILL make a way…one day
In this 'work', a labour of love, I hope to bring the reader into the presence of the true, the living Jesus'
February in the year 2010

'To all of us who believe love rules,
stand up and let it shine.'
from 'The Shack' by William P Young


1 Endless Possibilities' and Jesus
2 Jesus Christ: The Greatest Possibility Thinker Who Ever Lived (from ‘Endless Possibilities, Far and Great Horizons’)
3 What Each ONE of Us Can Learn From the Character and Life of Jesus
Some personal thoughts and prayers along “the road less travelled”, my spiritual journey of faith


'Success. It is open to each individual to choose the goal and go after it - growth and human essence known as character. Perhaps the ultimate purpose of life itself lies in the testing of the human spirit, to develop out of it something better, more nearly perfect. For after the sands and the dust of the human body has been buried, only the human spirit is left to go on. Each individual in his or her lifetime is entrusted with a fragment of that human esseence, to be a spark of his own existence from birth to death.
Rich? Has he or she enriched the life spirit, which was given to them?
Has he or she made the spark glow more brightly.'

- Howard Whitman in Og Mandino's 'University of Success'.

'Without Jesus there would be no Christianity and everything that has followed from it. Whatever your religious beliefs may be, of all people across the past two millenniums, Jesus is surely the most notable in terms of his impact on the course of history, on ethics, culture and on religion. '
God, 'The Fountain of All Goodness' is beyond the realm of our own understanding… but here’s my “little attempt”…
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