Saint Brother Andre

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The life of Saint Brother Andre
Alfred Bessette (later known as Brother André) came from very humble beginnings, much like those of Jesus. He was born on August 9, 1845. The baby was so frail and sickly, his parents were afraid he would not live; and so Alfred was baptized the moment he was born. He was conditionally baptized (when there is doubt concerning a previous Baptism) the following day in the church. With the loving care and prayers of a very pious mother, our future Blessed lived to an old age! But, like other great Saints before and after him, Brother André would have serious bouts with debilitating illnesses to the day he died.
His parents, Isaac Bessette and Clothilde Foisy were young when they married. The little family had virtually no money; Isaac was, like St. Joseph before him, a carpenter. We believe that Brother André’s first exposure to St. Joseph, and the great devotion he had for the foster father of Jesus, came from his own saintly father. Isaac married Clothilde when she was only seventeen years old. As she was from the Parish of Saint Joseph in Chambly, she taught her son Alfred about Jesus’ earthly father, at an early age. When questioned later on in life, Brother André would tell everyone about the great devotion and love he had for St. Joseph came from his mother who taught him from the cradle to know and love this great Saint, and his own father who represented St. Joseph on earth for young Alfred.
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Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and host on Eternal Word Global Television Network. They have written over 25 books and produced over 200 Broadcast Television programs including Miracles of the Eucharist, Super Saints and Marian Apparitions. They have been dubbed experts on the Saints.

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