The Cure for Today’s Dying Church

The Wellspring of Life

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Publication date: 01/02/2018
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The church is in the desert today!!
The church is in the desert today!! The arid conditions existing in the church leave the people parched, thirsty and longing for refreshing. Many church leaders do not know how to get the spiritual water for themselves and therefore they cannot lead God’s people into the Promised Land of true fellowship and discipleship. This sad state of the church causes many church buildings to stand empty because people are tired of church leaders committing gross indecencies and leading people astray with messages that “tickle their ears” or boring them to tears with sermons that contain no life-changing truths.

In The Wellspring of Life: Why the Church is Dying of Thirst, Dr. Meyer van Rensburg addresses the issue by pointing out many of the mistakes that have been made (from spraying people with “Doom” insecticide in Africa to church leaders refusing to be criticised because they see themselves as “little gods”, as well as the vacuous Sunday services that leave people in the same state that they came to church, instead of inspiring them and changing their lives). The church is dying of thirst in the desert and the condition can only be treated by discovering the living water to quench that thirst. Too many church leaders do not know how to hear the voice of God and therefore cannot lead people to the living water.

By following the listing of the well in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, this book demonstrates that the church needs the living water the Wellspring of Life provides. Each mention of the well is dealt with separately to show the significance of what is revealed there, to prove how these Scriptures were specifically put in this order to provide a systematic study of the importance of the well to the church and to point out the mistakes people in the church make. For instance, with Hagar, the fact that the well existed in the desert is first explored and then the fact that it had to be revealed for her to see it. Many people live next to the Well, but it has never been revealed to them that it can change their lives. Further revelations follow with each mention of the well: from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through to David and the prophets. This continues to the New Testament and the Book of Revelation to show how God will provide for us if we can but follow His instructions regarding the Wellspring of Life. The truths discovered are applied as lessons for the church today.

Pastors and ministry professionals will find this book illuminating as it covers new ground, yet it is aimed at the church-going public. It can also serve as a handbook in colleges, as it has many references and quotes, yet it is not written in high academic language.
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Dr. Meyer J. van Rensburg holds a Bachelor of Theology, Master of Christian Counselling, Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from Christian International, a Master of Practical Theology from Wales Bangor University, and is an ordained minister from the International Fellowship of Christian Churches.

Originally from South Africa, where he attended Bible School, Dr. van Rensburg founded the Covenant Bible Training Centre in Johannesburg, and he was also a radio presenter at South Africa's biggest Christian network, Radio Pulpit, for fifteen years. He was well known for his teaching programme "Music & the Word" as well as "Running the Race," a sports programme introducing Christian sportsmen to the public. Dr. van Rensburg has since relocated to the UK where he worked for years as Senior Lecturer in Theology and Dean of Students. He retired from the position in 2013 and is currently teaching as a travelling teacher in Poland, the UK and South Africa.

He is married to Lorraine, has five daughters, and also enjoys writing poetry, oil painting, woodworking, gardening, and song writing.

His books and oil paintings can be viewed on Amazon or ordered directly from

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