The True Gospel


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The good news redención.-
The True Gospel
The good news redención.-

This book is dedicated to every person on the face of the earth is
looking through the scriptures understand the true gospel, for those
who are still in a Christian denomination which has never told him
about the issue from a perspective Hebrew roots of our faith.
Who for one reason or another they have felt in his heart that are
not in the right place, and that many questions have arisen over the
years they have been in a place where never been taught the torah.-
It is our most sincere wishes today when you finish reading these
lines you have learned and assimilated Hebrew thought the first century
of the good news of redemption.
And if someone does not preach him according to this (another
gospel) he says the scriptures is cursed.
Logic and reason,
For the gospel is the torah, which in logical if we did not exist New
Testament in the 1st century so that was the gospel if such a thing did
not exist ??
Yeshayahu / Jeshaiah s 52: 7
7 Cuá n beautiful s sobr and what s m
or n ts from The Earth from yisra'el
They are the feet from that than brings Good News s (Besora
h) proclaiming Shalo m, bringing Good News from good
things, than He says to l congregation from Tziyo n, He
Kingdom from his Elohim is revealed, advertising Salvation.
E l Rein or d e you Elohim is revealed to l It Congregació n d e
Tziyo n (No to any
'church'), l or cua l signific to qu e to estab hidden.
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
More yojanan ben peretz nacido 20 julio 1970.
bajo la ot - señal ALEF
República oriental del Uruguay
Actualmente ejerciendo como maestro de la Torá en la kajal
Sohfár de YHWH

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