Wycliffe's Plymouth Rock

Author: James Dobken
Pages: 279
Language: English
ISBN: 9786162222443
Publication date: 01/10/2013
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When the Puritans stepped ashore at the present day Plymouth, Massachusetts on 1
When the Puritans stepped ashore at the present day Plymouth, Massachusetts on 15 November 1620, they were but the final link of a four hundred year old chain of events starting with King John of England in the early 1200’s.
WYCLIFFE’S PLYMOUTH ROCK starts with an act of vassalage by King John who resigned the entire kingdom of England to the Pope in Rome, thereby starting a split in the relationship of church and state in England. Shortly after, a Doctor of Divinity, John Wycliffe, did the unthinkable; he translated the Bible into the language of the masses – English. The scriptural genie was out of the bottle. Wycliffe’s followers, the Lollards picked up the baton and ran with it starting a pre-reformation movement in England, one hundred-fifty years before Martin Luther.
The followers of the Lollards, the New Learners, continued “getting in the face” of the Roman Catholic Church and the persecutions started; imprisonments, tortures and finally burnings at the stake.
With the installation of Queen Mary – Bloody Mary, the tortures and burnings reached their zenith, first by the Church of Rome, then by the Church of England. Finally, the new Lollards, the Puritans, came on the scene, but also suffered persecutions causing them to flee England for the Netherlands. It is from here the Puritans made their exodus to America.
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James Dobken was born and raised in a northern suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. After serving in the US Naval Air Reserve he graduated from Parsons College, Fairfield, Iowa where he earned a B.A. degree in History. Returning to Milwaukee he became an insurance executive and later a corporate head hunter.After ten years of life in the corporate world he started a career of travelling the world where he visited, lived and or worked in; England, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Crete, Cyprus, Israel, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, China, Cambodia and Thailand. Along the way he had at least 48 different jobs including, but not limited to; a public relations director, cab driver, hotel concierge, movie extra, persimmon farmer, carpet cleaner, commercial pilot, pub manager, English teacher, mate on a fishing boat, apartment manager, welder in a shipyard, banquet waiter, yacht broker, sold cars and trucks, investment banker, human relations teacher, owned a pizza restaurant and sold real estate.Mr. Dobken now resides in Pattaya, Thailand.

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