Death Management

Back to Him in Peace

Author: Hasan Nafsi
Pages: 41
Language: English
Publication date: 10/03/2013
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Scared of death? Never! Learn 15 death signs and 11 steps to a peaceful death.
If you are informed – by your doctor, for instance – that in the next few weeks you will definitely die, what is your response?

If you are happy, then you are a right person – although this would sound so weird to many people.

If you panick or get stress, you are undoubtedly one of the victims of death myths. If this is the case, then we advice you to learn this book, because death is tremendously enjoyable and beautiful, absolutely far from what you think right now.

Are you scared of death? Then you are completely mistaken. Death is not a scary thing. Just like birth, death is a happiful moment although it is always adorned with tears.

If you believe that there is a peaceful life, then you also must believe that there is a peaceful death.

So, why death is so horrifying to all people? And why is death perceived to be identical with horrors and agonies? Because most people remain to be ignorant about death. Why? Because they are reluctant or absent to learn about death than life. As the consequent, they are badly trapped in wrong paradigm, perception, and myth about death.

This what happens to those scared of wild animals such as cobras. If you never learn about these poisonous snakes, you must misunderstand about them and subsequently misjudge them. And you remain to be trapped in incorrect paradigm, perception, and myth about cobras.

For centuries, Indian people have been well informed about cobras. A significant part of them are capable in controlling cobras with a flute. As a result, the deadly snakes change into beautiful dancers attracting a lot of tourists and money. The Indians have successfully escaped from wrong paradigm, perception, and myth about cobras. They even have miraculously transformed the snakes from making people die into making people survive and happy.

This book will help you throw away all the ill paradigms, perceptions, and myths about death as far as possible. By reading this book, you will finally discover that death – just like life – is manageable, although any creatures, anywhere, are impossible to delay or reschedule it.

Furthermore, death – beside life – has optimizable excitements in addition to avoidable agonies. In this relation, you should learn the 11 steps toward a peaceful death (see Chapter 6). As the prerequisite to this, you need to recognize your 15 death signs (see Chapter 2).
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Hasan Nafsi was born in Makassar, Indonesia, in August 20, 1960. He was well trained in journalism and worked as a journalist between 1978 and 2000. Then he decided to quit the job and dedicated himself to be a social worker until now. He has written over 200 books primarily on community development, journalism, and other issues. Apart from that, since he was a little boy he loves to learn and practice spirituality primarily relating to death management. Even if so, he never wrote any book about spirituality and death management before 2013.

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