'Talks with God'

- A Journey of Listening to the “Still Voice Within” and Fol

Author: Craig Lock
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Publication date: 07/09/2011
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- A Journey of Listening to the “Still Voice Within” and Following my “Calling”
“My Talks with God”

- A Journey of Listening to the “Still Voice Within” and Following my “Calling” in life

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'And those who have insight will shine brightly, like the brightness of the expanse of Heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.'
- Daniel 12:3-4

I originally wrote down these notes about fourteen years ago, whilst in a “deep valley”, but just came across them on my computer, so though personal, thought I’d share.(just as I wrote them!)

Doing it this way (with digital publishing) at a click of a mouse will save many trees and so keep the 'greenies' very happy. I’ll keep “working on this labour of love” and adding articles to this manuscript…or perhaps publish with Amazon as a series of books


“Total non-techno and impulsive” craig

So here it is…


'For my brother
and my sister
that your hidden light
may come forth
and show itself to a waiting world.'
- anon

This work is dedicated to my beloved sons, Sean and Gareth.
You are more important and I love you more than life itself. I trust you and hope that in spite of my many failings that I have somewhat prepared you well for whatever life has to throw at you. In spite of the unstable foundation and the turbulent journey, I have given it my all, doing my very best at all times and I know you will too develop your independent spirits to follow your unique paths.

Being a dad to you guys is one of the great privileges of my life, a true blessing.

And to you, Marie for all your sacrifices over those very tough years of turmoil - for allowing me to become the person, you knew I truly was (yet didn't know myself). You set me free to learn to accept myself. Thanks for letting 'me be me'.

'You have gifted me far more
than I ever gifted you .

I have not been the father and husband I had hoped to be.
But wait. We are not through with each other.
This is a work in progress... and we are both happy'

With all my love forever

Craig (1999)

To my dearest sister, Glenda and her husband, Steve, who not only taught me God exists and cared deeply about me (especially in my darkest days and hours),
but opened my mind to the new world and wondrous truth
that God is my best friend.'

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