The Irish Martyrs

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The Accounts of some of the Irish Martyrs during the Penal Times
Ireland is an enchanted land, famous for its shamrocks and harps, leprechauns, shillelaghs, and green-eyed coleens, lightly sprinkled with freckles on skin as white as milk. It is called the Emerald Isle, and the national color is green; Ireland is lush green, almost tropical in certain areas. The Irish people are always pictured as being gay, musical, with the love of all things festive. In our mind's eye, we see them as being Bing Crosby or Barry Fitzgerald, of 'Going My Way', which is lovely.
They have grand traditions, such as the monkeys left over from the time when St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland using monkeys. There are those antagonists of Ireland, and all things Irish, who would demean God's special children by the derogatory moniker Monkeys, because of this tradition of St. Patrick. There is a possibility that it wasn't the best idea for St. Patrick to use monkeys as a means to accomplish this task. He may not have been thinking of the hazing the Irish people would be receiving in centuries down the line. But keep in mind, he may not have been Irish originally. There are rumors that he may even have had Roman roots, which might account for the ongoing battle between the Irish and the Italians. It may have taken St. Patrick all his life to be trained properly in the ways of being Irish. We do know that when he entered the gates of Heaven, he was definitely Irish.
But God's beloved children of Ireland are a paradox in terms. Those who only see the surface of the Irish people, don't know about the years of suffering, persecution, famine, Martyrdom, and near annihilation of them as a people, all for their Faith. When they joke that there are more Irish in Boston than in Ireland, there is somewhat of a note of melancholy, mixed with the joke. Those who left for a better life in the United States, did no favor to those who remained. It just made their struggle more difficult. Most people don't know about the brave men and women who stood up against the powers of Hell, and survived only because of their great faith in their Catholic Church, and their complete dependence on the Mother of God.
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Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and host on Eternal Word Global Television Network. They have written over 25 books and produced over 200 Broadcast Television programs including Miracles of the Eucharist, Super Saints and Marian Apparitions. They have been dubbed experts on the Saints.

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