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Our Lady of Knock

Knock Apparition

Pages: 24
Language: English
Publication date: 03/04/2011
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Account of the Marian Apparitions at Knock, Ireland
Morher Mary chose the side of a church, the village church in Knock. After the rains had started, one Margaret Beirne went over to lock up the church for the night. She noticed a bright light around the back of the church, and looked to see what was there. She saw what she thought were statues of Our Lady, St. Joseph, and a Bishop, standing alongside a new altar, on top of which was a statue of a Lamb with a Cross. Margaret didn’t pay too much attention to it; she left the Church, and went home, not saying a word to anyone about it.
Satan must have been whooping it up in Hell. If this girl didn’t tell anyone, no one would know about Our Lady’s visit, and consequently, no one would come. His plan might have worked. Even the priest’s housekeeper, Mary McLoughlin, passed by and noticed the apparition, but also thought they were statues. She went to the Bierne’s home for a visit. So far so good for Satan.
But at 8 o’clock or thereabouts, when Mary McLoughlin decided to go home, the older Bierne girl, Mary, decided to walk with her in the rain. So here we have two Marys, walking in the rain past the church again. When they passed the apparition, Mary McLoughlin casually mentioned that the pastor must have bought some new statues in Dublin. But the other Mary, more inquisitive, decided to take a closer look. She jumped back with a start. “They’re not statues. They’re moving. It’s the Blessed Virgin!”The two women didn’t know what to do. Mary Bierne ran home to tell her mother and brother.
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Bob and Penny Lord are renowned Catholic authors and host on Eternal Word Global Television Network. They have written over 25 books and produced over 200 Broadcast Television programs including Miracles of the Eucharist, Super Saints and Marian Apparitions. They have been dubbed experts on the Saints.

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