Ocean of Divinity

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In this edition are presented the works by Alex Listengort, written in a period of time from autumn-2008 to may 2013. Here the reader may see a circulation of different topics, of questions and answers, embodied in Poems. These Pieces of Arts do Bless and Fill Up with a Special Energy that is familiar to every living creature, and that brings peace, eternity, divine presence and Miracle of life in all its forms. Searches for a meaning of life and its integrating into the life itself, eternal existencional questions, for which the author dares to give an answer in his poems. Themes of love and beguines, motherland, nature, time and something they call the God: all that finds its reflections in authors’ poems, but the main here are the questions of enlightenment, spiritual awakening of a human being, gaining happiness, abundance and awareness: of everything, that each of us insists to find on the line, of everything, that, as author says, no one had ever really lost, and what Is just temporarily hidden under a tricky veil, that is a part of a global plan, that is a special condition of this Game. Today in our hands we all keep a totally blessed possibility to get the needed truth, to open a stream that does fill up and gives us new power to go further: with a good will, conscioused goal, bright mind and an awakened soul.
Many people that have known Alex’s creativity do mark a special energy of his poems, that truly gifts them peacefulness, joy, bliss, energy and a new knowledge.
The Author itself sincerely looks forward for his works to complete their mission by revealing in a right way to the people beautiful secrets of all the world around and will bring happiness, peace and awakening into this world.
Besides this edition are published «Okean Bozhestvennosty» - a complete book with Alex Listengorts’ poems, notes and prosaic miniatures, and also – «A New Stage of Awakening», a book, where reader finds a new way of looking on humans spiritual awakening and on the esoteric knowledge that leads to such revelations. In prospect there Is a novel “The Return”.
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The author:
Alex Listengort (Александр Листенгорт) was born in Moscow in 1993. After his travel to Jurmala, Latvia, he began to write. He started to work on his first book (“The New Stage of Awakening”) at 18. Now, he studies on the 5th course of Moscow State Linguistic University (the Maurice Thorez InYaz) at the faculty of international relations (this University was finished as well by Alex’s grand- and great-grandfather, Yuri and Michael Rozenshtekhers). Besides the literary creation and journalism, the author is also engaged professionally in linguistics, teaching and practice in the international relations’ scope. Alex speaks 8 languages on different level on which he writes poems. The main topic of his creations are: esoterics and spirituality, philosophy, psychology, self-development, Reiki and linguistics.
The most famous works by Alex Listengort for current moment are:
- The non-fiction book “New Stage of Awakening” (Новый Этап Пробуждения), which represents a “spiritual encyclopedia, a philosophic concept, a lighthouse of truth on the way of spiritual searches of human’s mind, heart and soul; it contains such texts, that provide the direction, bless and energy for human beings to comprehend itself, to know life, and, finally, to the Awakening, Awareness, eternal Truth, Happiness, Love, Grace, to the Creative and Life self-fulfillment. “New Stage of Awakening” is an Angel’s Revelation on what does go on in the world and on the meaning of human life – of an eternal creator, which is about to reveal its genius, happiness and an eternal source on a stream of spiritual Awakening. This Book is a Divine Song which, with its mind, heart and soul, does listen a man, heading for knowing its nature and the divine origin of its life. A Life of a Man is a Way Home of a Stranger, a Way to its Parents of a Child, a way of Soul to Happiness, and in everyone’s life it comes such a moment, when it starts to seek its trails and the stars shining in front: right this moment may be called a “New Stage of Awakening”;
- A poetry book “Ocean of Divinity” (Океан Божественности) in Russian, which comprises many different topics: poems on nature, motherland, esoteric and philosophic lyrics;
- A poetry book “Ocean of Divinity” in foreign languages (English, Spanish, Armenian, Hebrew, English);
- An essay “Three days in the glory of Arcakh” (Три дня во славе Арцаха) on Alex’s journey to the Nagorno-Karabakh republic;
- Such works as “Every language is a special energy” and “Happiness” in the world languages” – on the features of perception of different languages of the world.
Alex also has some articles about the Reiki healing and spiritual practice. Alex Listengort continues its intensive creative activities: as is known, a novel “The Return” and the linguistic work “World Languages: A Live Energy” are preparing.

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