The Ministry of an Evangelist

The Evangelist

Author: Segun Olumide
Pages: 184
Series: Ministry Gift (vol. 4)
Language: English
Publication date: 31/08/2019
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It throws light on the ministry of an evangelist!
This powerful book, which is volume 4 in the Ministry Gifts series of 7 volumes, makes available God’s answers to questions like:

Who is an evangelist?

What are the signs of a true evangelist?

What are the 7 ways of executing the ministry of an evangelist effectively?

What are the 10 wrong notions about the ministry of an evangelist?

What is the difference between an evangelistic call and an evangelistic office?

How can one’s evangelistic passion for the lost be ignited?

In which 10 ways can one help a sinner overcome hindrances to salvation?

What are the 7 misconceptions about being born-again and how can a sinner to be truly born-again?

What are the 10 wrong ways an evangelist should avoid in raising money?

What are some of the vital truths every evangelist should understand about the healing ministry?
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