Transitions 1 (2nd Edition)

Author: Hallett German
Pages: 18
Language: English
Publication date: 14/12/2015
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Finding Balance in a Changing World
This second edition includes extensive revisions. It includes a new story.
Each day we find ourselves in a state of imbalance in a world of impermanence. These new traditional Buddhist-inspired stories provide various ways to right ourselves
when there is no ground under us. These include:
1) Gain and Loss. What would we do if we had the secret to personal happiness in our hand and then we lost it?
2) The Device. Our feelings change to a mechanical contraption changes over time.
3) Protest. Can excluding ourselves from and showing our displeasure with the world lead to happiness?
4) Hungry Ghost. A life trapped in mental captivity makes a choice leading to freedom.
5) Transient. While roaming as whim dictates, how do we find meaning to our lives?
6) My dinner with Ananda. If you could meet the Buddha's attendant that attended or knew the details of all of his instruction, what would you ask? (New)
7) Offering. A brief Qi Gong prayer from the Olivia Plymouth series.
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Hallett German is a fiction and technical subject author on various aspects of IT. His works of fiction cross multiple genres including children, young adult, dysfunctional corporate mysteries/fantasies, historical fiction, and steampunk. His books offer a unique and original ride into other worlds and lives.

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