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Buddhism does not forbid us to believe some things and compel us to accept others. It is a rational philosophy, a comprehensive and realistic ethical code, a penetrative psychology, and effective methods of training and meditation. However, the minds read more ...
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We've all had the experience - something happens that grabs our attention and then seems to take on a life of its own. My attention was grabbed when two days in a row two different sales clerks said to me 'Oh, we should have told you.” The ne read more ...
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This Gospel is an Allegorical Account of the Life of Jesus of Nazareth according to Saint Jude the Apostle, as recorded by Anthony J. Fejfar, using intuitive understanding and intuitive reflection. read more ...
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Ontological arguments attempt to prove the existence of God through reason. One of the most famous, and strongest, ontological arguments was offered by the famous medieval thinker St. Anselm. The ontological argument offered by St. Anselm can reaso read more ...
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