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The Mysteries of Ancient Manuscripts
‘The Cosmic Legends of the East’ is the best collection of Ancient Cosmic Manuscripts, translated on the modern language from Ancient Egyptian Papyruses, Greek, Latin and Sanskrit Sacred Scriptures, connecting us with the history of ancient civilizat read more ...
15.05 €
The contending views associated to the Biblical Mount Carmel
Baal is the second deity mentioned after YHWH in the Old Testament. This Semitic god has often been in conflict with YHWH in the Old Testament. Most of the time, the Hebrew Bible mentioned only Baal. Therefore, there are many kinds of Baal (Baal Hadd read more ...
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That really work
We believe that this healing power may be augmented by thought, meditation, ritual, and suggestion. We believe that if one truly focuses on healing and overcoming disease, the results of all the healing modalities that they choose will be augmented. read more ...
18.99 €
Complete Series (Volume 1,2, and 3) EPUB
This package is the complete series of 'Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ' . The three books are: 1. Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ : The Language of Heaven. 2. Face to Face Meetings with Jesus Christ 2 : Preparing for God's Para read more ...
19.14 €
The Mysteries of Ancient Manuscripts
Dedication We dedicate this Spiritual Program with Lots of Ancient and Modern Manuscript for Your Personal Home Studying Course to develop Your Inner Connection with the Divine Matrix - Universal Intelligence - Divine Cosmic Mother with Ten Thousand read more ...
27.45 €
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