Robert J Denham 2011 Portfolio

Coffee table art book and portfolio for 2011

Author: Robert Denham
Pages: 28
Language: English
Publication date: 09/02/2012
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Wonderful full colour art work in a 2011 portfolio formate.
This book can be bought at in hard cover for $29.99, as it is a coffee table book.
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Robert J Denham Portfolio; Published author, stone carver, digital and traditional artist he is also the original creator of the dream canoe kits, and an amateur photographer. He published his first book in 2010. Titled 'Wind in the attic. He has since been recognized as an emerging Canadian artist and author by the feed the children's foundation, the Bata Shoe museum, and several bands and fans world wide. Robert not only creates some wonderful spray-art paintings, but also creates some dynamic collective medium works. Mixing in spray-art, digital enhancements, charcoal sketches and more. This, once finalized creates some breath taking scenery that has brought some people to tears. Recently he's worked on some interesting indi projects. From De Lovelys album cover, Shit house elves, to some Christian bands like the Benjamin Stecker band. Robert is currently wanting to try his hand at loop track creation for dance, techno, and more. If it is one thing he can't do, it's stop creating things!
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Robert J. Denham has created some fantastic works of art, from drawings to paintings, sculptures and writings, and handmade jewelry. With natural talents Robert is a self taught artist, everything comes from within.

Using only spray paint cans Robert creates a masterpiece of incredible fantasy in great detail and color. Because the details, impressions of the works of Roberts can be extended to some incredible sizes.

Its improved design, drawing, painting and producing some wonderful works of digital art as well as some original masterpieces.

Robert is quickly becoming known as a pop artist from Canada with their art spraying techniques and digital art, and has had several of his sculptures from stone to move in the Bata Shoe Museum. Robert has done album covers for bands like De Lovely individual, elves shitter, and even some Christian bands such as banda Stecker.

Robert is the original creator of the Canoe Dream, a spiritual aid in sleep. He is also a philosopher, amateur photographer and has been ordered by the Tuatha De Danann. He is well known for both its spiritual and occult teachings.

Robert has studied religion, philosophy, sociology and the occult throughout his life, and now proudly talks about some of his findings in his first published book, Wind in the attic.

By writing pulls from personal experience, nature, and its large pool of imagination, and to add to the list of Robert is creating some wickedly cool track circuit under the name of EZC

Born in Nottingham England, July 17, 1973 to an Irish mother and German father moved to Canada in the mid 70s. Welding and Metalworking always been a passion of Roberts. Today London is where Robert and his family now call home.

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