Rough Diamonds

Part One of \'Thai Diamonds\'

Author: Robert Bell
Pages: 311
Language: English
ISBN: 9786162220821
Publication date: 16/07/2012
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Work at Diamond Boys, aGoGo bar
Part One of 'Thai Diamonds'

Somrot Weangmakham is persuaded by his brother to go and work at Diamond Boys when it opened. He agreed on condition that he only did the shows. Surit told him that going with customers was not compulsory, but that he really needed some help to get the shows started. Somrot, ‘Rot’ as he was known, was not worried; he just did not want his brother to know.

He knew the rough end of the trade, but that was a secret. ‘Rit’ could never be allowed to know what had happened in Bangkok.

There is something about the Diamond guys, whether it is fresh faced Run, straight from the village, or Cap who had done his round of the bars and a bond would tie them. They endure all that Pattaya has to throw at them, including death and rape. They come through it all stronger, harder and more determined. Cap and Run use every tool at their disposal to save enough money to escape Pattaya and build a new future in Udon. Two Farangs, Michael Barnard and Geoffrey Shotton befriend the guys and help them along their way. Geoff supports Cap and Run in their battle to move north, whilst Mike befriends Rit and Rot. Even when Rot leaves for the army they remain close. One of their number dies and guides their futures from beyond the grave. Their guardian spirit will only rest once they have accepted their fates and built a future, but they have to work out his riddles. Rough Diamonds is set in Pattaya and Isaan.

The story will continue in 'Diamond Fellowship'.
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Robert Bell was born in the UK and after years of visits finally relocated 6 years ago.

The "Thai Diamonds" books draw heavily on his experiences. Many of the more surprising events actually happened to him, although they are set in the context of the fictional bar and group of guys. In particular, "Saturdays Child" is based on his own experiences following the death of a soulmate.

Robert now lives in Isaan with his adopted Thai family, although he regularly returns to Pattaya.

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