Ascending Goddess

Ascending Goddess

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Автор: Tim Kavi
Объем: 122 Страниц
Язык: English
Составлено: Фев 2013
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Ключевые слова: poetry, love, love poems, the goddess, goddess, goddesses, mysticism, mystical experience, inspiration, spirituality, Divine Feminine, romance, mystic poems, sacred, mythology, love poetry, women, empowerment, dialogue, Buber,

Mystical love poems by Tim Kavi that celebrates the Ascending Goddess

A collection of mystical love poems by Tim Kavi that celebrates the Sacred Feminine, Goddesses from mythologies past and present, and emerging goddesses everywhere. These are sacred love poems that celebrate spiritual and temporal planes of love and devotion.

In this collection, celebrate the journey to the Goddess as you travel up a mountain path to fully encounter Her. Celebrate the love!

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Tim Kavi | Автор на КсинКсии!

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Tim Kavi is a writer, poet, and teacher (when he's not doing his day jobs as a consultant, businessman, or therapist). His poetry is most well known for collections that emphasize the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, mysticism, and philosophical themes associated with freedom, dialogue, and dualism/monism. Kavi often uses love poems to convey these ideas.

He has published three prior collections: Emerging Goddess (2011), Ascending Goddess (2012), and Lost Love Poems (2012). Forthcoming collections include Poems of Protest, Revealed Goddess, and City of Night-City of Light.

Learn more about Tim and his books at:

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