Breaking Faith

Breaking Faith

Произведению еще не дали оценку.
Автор: Stuart Aken
Объем: 343 Страниц
Язык: English
Составлено: Фев 2011
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Категория: Беллетристика » любовные романы  |  Вид презентации: Roman
Ключевые слова: Romance, Love, Murder, Thriller, Mystery, Erotic, Glamour, Photography, Sex, Death, Relationships, Lovers, Beauty,

When innocent Faith meets corruption, will she win or be defeated?

Brought up in isolation and ignorance by a religious fanatic, Faith is forced to take work with local glamour photographer, Leigh. His cruel, misogynist assistant hates her on sight and threatens her with violence. When Faith falls in love with Leigh, will she defeat the dangers she faces or will corruption overcome her innocence and destroy her?

Contains adult language and erotic scenes.

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Данные автора

Stuart Aken | Автор на КсинКсии!

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Writing since I could hold a pencil, I have always been fascinated by words and their power to transform, educate, illuminate, entertain and influence. Stories are so fundamental to human beings that they form an essential part of our psyche, and to be privileged to tell my own versions of tales that have abounded for millennia is an honour.

I was born in Hull, England, in 1948 and had my first writing published in the form of illustrated articles for the British photographic press when I was 19. My fiction started with a radio play, Hitch Hiker, produced and broadcast on national radio by BBC Radio 4 in the 1970s. Several of my short stories have been published and others have been prize winners in competitions.

I am married, for the second time, to a charming and lovely lady who proof-reads my work for me. We have a daughter who, at the time of writing, is preparing for entry to university to take a photography course.

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