Guns Death and Love

Guns Death and Love

Eiso Publishing

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Автор: A R Shane
Объем: 40 Страниц
Язык: English
Составлено: Июн 2012
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Ключевые слова: love, romance, loyalty, war, death, iraq, baghdad

A man falls in love and finds out she's the enemy. What will he do?

Stuck in the middle of a war, Joe struggles to survive each day. As the bullets fly and men die, he finds solace in the arms of a woman. A woman who's supposed to be helping them. Then one day he is told that she is a traitor. What should he do? Should he listen to his heart, or to the words of others? Follow this man as he starts out on a journey that will change both you and him... forever.

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A R Shane has been a writer for over ten years. Shane's energy is focused on writing stories about people overcoming the odds to live life the way it was intended. Shane has spent an entire lifetime traveling the world, and calls all nations home. This lifestyle is, according to Shane, the only way to be a writer and to keep ideas for these great books coming.

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