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Категория: Детская и Подростковая литература » 6-12 лет  |  Вид презентации: Erzählung
Ключевые слова: UZBEK

Simple and cheap TRANSLATION

"Crying shirin"
Aldar Kusa settled in the village of Shirin and there became a shoemaker.
Sits somehow it in a shady spot and nails outsole. See all Shira bais on carts somewhere to go.
- Hey, venerable bai where going? - Aldar called their bite.
- We're going on a pilgrimage to the holy places in the God Uddin - say bai - there is today a holiday in honor of the saint, come with us, to walk, to see the light, you show yourself.
Laid aside his hammer and apron Aldar Kusa, climbed into the wagon and drove off.
Long they went, you never know, but came to Bogoud-Din, whose landmark in the old days, as you know, was the mausoleum of the tomb of the saint.
People gathered for a holiday by the thousand.
Bai chose the place back, left and Aldar Kusu look for carts and horses, and went to the mausoleum to pray.
Before leaving, they bought a purse rice, carrots, lamb, onions and everything necessary for pilaf and punished:
- You're here, while we offer prayer to Allah Almighty, to prepare everything for pilaf: chop wood, kindle the fire, clean the boiler can cut meat and onions.
"Here, Aldar Kusa - Aldar Kusa said to myself - you walk, and had seen the light, and showed himself to the people."
But nothing to do, he began to prepare everything for pilaf.
Aldar Kusa started cutting onions and flowed from his eyes with tears.
He cut onions and crying.
Then returned bai saw that Aldar Kusa crying and worried.
"E - thought bai - Aldar Kusa a humorist, and then the tears pour. Not for nothing he cries. There is a reason. "
Bai came to Aldar Kusa and began to interrogate him:
- Hey, Aldar Kusa, you always joyful and happy, why are you crying?
He wiped his hand over his eyes himself Aldar Kusa, and tears flowed even louder.
- I remembered the dead, - he said - I'm sorry
was, here and cry.
Looked at the crying Aldara Kusu bai. One cried, cried the other. It all began to groan. Sit, tears pouring, about what we need to cook pilaf forgotten.
People began to ask around:
- What happened? Why Shira bai crying?
Quick-witted answer:
- Uh, nothing but some respected man in the village of Shirin died. Bai Shira learned here and mourn him.
Curious to come crying shirintsam and asked:
- Hey, Hon, hey, dear. In width you that if someone died, so that you moan and weep?
- E - shirintsy surprised - and perhaps we have someone died in width?
- Of course, someone died, once you are shedding tears. Bai looked at each other in dismay:
- Wai, hear, friends, someone died here in width.
- Leave - told them people.
Roared, shouted, screamed Shira bai, climbed like a frightened jackdaws in the cart, drove the horses and went crying to his vkishlak Shirin.
So drop everything and not cooked pilaf.
Let them go and shed tears, and you hear about Aldara and Kusu about pilaf.
Finished cut Aldar Kusa onions and crying stopped looking to bai left. What to do?
Aldar Kusa spread the fire under the boiler stronger, melt the fat and cook pilaf to forty people.
Sees that he does not eat much pilaf. Stood beside the boiler zabrenchal iron slotted spoon and let's shout:
- Ready! Ready! Pilaf is ready. Pilgrims came running.
Aldar sold Kusa thirty nine bowls pilaf, ate a bowl fortieth himself and went to his home in the village of Shirin.
Walking along the road, singing songs, silver money in your pocket tinkles.
Let him go, and you hear about the bais.
Shira bai hastily drove all the way and moaned and wept. So loudly they groaned and wept like a dead man they mourned.
From a distance, in the village of Shirin people heard howling and screaming bais. All alarmed. Thought, "Perhaps someone from our pilgrimage was interrupted during the course of life."
- Wai - shirintsy cried and let all beat their breasts and cry.
When bai entered the village and heard that all cry, they finally decided that indeed someone had died, and began to cry even louder.
The whole village Shirin cried an

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