Sanctuary - Couple Erotica

Author: Jane Morgan
Pages: 4
Language: English
Publication date: 01/11/2011
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An Erotic Short Story
Caprice owns and operates her own animal sanctuary and is called the “shrew” by the people in town because she is so cold to everyone. One day she comes across a man who is hurt and being a vet she has to stitch his wounds up herself. As Tom’s wounds start to heal he and Caprice’s physical attraction ignites until they find themselves lovers out in the big wilderness.

Their physical encounters peak and just as you think they can’t get enough, they take it even farther. Tom comes to realize he cannot leave this woman and go back to the big city. So in Caprice, Tom finds his own kind of sanctuary.
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Jane is a housewife with one l child. Her husband is a teacher at a local Waco school.
Now that her daughter is going to school Jane found she had more time on her hands. Having studied creative writing in college and loving to write short stories, she decided to start writing again.

In college she had a professor who taught creative erotic writing, and found she had a knack for it. He watch her grow as a writer and was instrumental in what she eventually chose as a career.
Jane has put that course, her life experiences and a fertile imagination together in writing short erotic stories.

That knack she discovered in college resulted in many stimulating and sexually raw stories.

These short stories are what you need to read in between laundry loads and while taking a few moments for yourself before the kids get home.

Jane has written over 20 erotic short stories including A Rainy Day Surprise, Beaded Bracelet Lovers, Blond Passion, Fantasy and many, many more.

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