Future's Guardian

Author: Paul Haedo
Pages: 221
Language: English
ISBN: 9783969313909
Publication date: 27/02/2021
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A cyberpunk tale.
In a future New York City, the Augamani Corporation dominates all aspects of life. Unemployment is non-existent because being employed is mandatory under the law, and a Factory Maintenance Technician named Ylan works hard and proud for his salary. He like everyone else has no reason to complain about anything.

Yet, when unforeseen events begin to threaten the stable life that Ylan enjoys, he is faced with a grave challenge. Does he try to maintain and preserve that which he already has? Or does he let go of the familiar, and begins to adapt to the rapidly changing world and circumstances that are unfolding around him?

Is the unknown something that can only bring misery to the unfortunate victim that faces it? Or is the unknown a harbinger of good things to come, the sign that what was once the normal is now the past that shall one day be forgotten?
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