The Crucible Boxed Set

Author: Robert Stetson
Pages: 549
Language: English
Publication date: 01/09/2014
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This is the classic story of an underdog rising up against the odds.
This is the classic story of an underdog rising up against the odds. It follows the Spencer family through the eons.
Our group consists of individuals who are pooling our few remaining resources to overcome the hardship of our time.
Our nation has mutated and is being governed by the cruel and greedy megalomaniacs known as the Council of 12. The identity of these 12 people who comprise the Council is a secret.
The Secrecy surrounding the identity stems from the election process that is mutated from the Electoral College who circumvents the democratic process into one that is more like the election of the Vatican Popes through the ages.
The anonymity of the Council members has mutated from the concept of the Secret Service guard that watches over the head of state. Paranoia rules. It is determined that if no one knows the identity of the heads of state, no one can attempt an assassination.
The President, the Cabinet and the Congress merge to form the Council of 12 and foster the oppression by which we live.
This epic adventure begins in the near future and blossoms out among the stars, where the Fog Pirates, the Knights Templar and the Resistance known as the Polygon must engage in a desperate battle against the evil Galactic Empire.
Follow the classic journey of the Spencer family to discover the Crucible and a surprise ending.
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