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Author: Hubert Borgmann
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Publication date: 08/04/2015
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Manuscript B2.0 published in Conference Proceedings ACTUATOR 2014
Emerging SMA Applications and New Material Developments

F. Butera1, A. Coda1, Y. Motemani2, A. Ludwig2
1 SAES Getters S.p.A., Lainate, Italy
2 Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany

Shape memory alloys (SMAs) are becoming a mature technology for industrial applications, in fields like automotive, appliances, consumer electronics, and buildings. Market penetration was driven by superelastic alloys in the medical field and binary NiTi alloys in bulk industrial application. In the latter field, the two most used alloys are the so-called HT (95°C As) alloy and BT (36°C As). These alloys present already great performances and properties to be widely adopted as controlled electrical actuators or thermostatic self-heating actuators. There are several devices in mass production adopting those alloys, especially in the automotive business and in the thermostatic applications. Millions of devices are already installed in cars and more are coming in the next years. The most promising sector at the moment are miniaturized actuators for consumer electronics and especially mobile phone platforms, where tiny wires, in the range of 25 μm in diameter, are used to produce small and high quality actuators for camera modules. The future trend is miniaturization, integration
and embedded systems. SMA can allow a simple material integration that could add actuation features in standard structures without adding weight, parts and complexity. As a second part of this paper, the recent developments in the area of new SMA materials, thin film and bulk, are reviewed.
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Hubert Borgmann, MESSE BREMEN,
Project Manager ACTUATOR, International Conference and Exhibition on New Actuators and Drive Systems, Bremen, Germany, and Editor of the ACTUATOR Conference Proceedings (
Project Manager ITHEC, International Conference and Exhibition on Thermoplastic Composites, Bremen, Germany, and Editor of the ITHEC Conference Proceedings (

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