Author: Christoph Poth
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Publication date: 19/04/2015
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Einstein was right. The Big Bang never happend!

On the basis of the spiritual ideas of a Belgian priest and an Indian Brahmin, so-called “modern cosmology” has been peddling unadulterated mysticism for decades now. This mysticism has found worldwide distribution especially through a plethora of television documentaries, despite the fact that their pseudoscientific content has been proven to lie completely outside the laws of physics. In this way, people have been led to believe that 95 percent of our universe consists of mystical dark energy and dark matter and only 5 percent of the universe is accessible to us empirically. But what lies behind the scandalous and lamentable failure of an entire branch of astrophysical science and who has an interest in promoting this mysticism?

The author of the book reveals clearly, how the scandalous failure of a whole branch of science came about and explains the actual dynamics of the universe using the reputable physical findings of Isaac Newton, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, and Karl Schwarzschild. Almost everything about the universe that you believe to be true is demonstrably false. A mixture of mysticism and science-fiction! After 100 years, Einstein´s idea of a static universe has turned out to be true after all. There was definitely no Big Bang, nor are there so-called 'black holes' in which space, mass and time collapse to a point, but rather relativistic black spheres. These black spheres are the solution of Hawking´s paradox.

Further information: www.einsteins-universe.com/en/
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