Victorian Age

Cultural Background and Literary Developments

Author: Stefan Bachmann
Pages: 10
Language: English
Publication date: 27/07/2010
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Essay about the Victorian Era

'Furthermore, not only new ways of traveling, but also the telegraph and later in the 70s the telephone made the communication over far distances possible. Now not only the country itself, but the whole world began to become a smaller place (MCRae and Carter 272) with people being able to overcome great distances and space not being such a strong natural barrier anymore. '

'Subsequently Dickens also starts to zoom out and consequently doesn't merely focus on the individual anymore. Now he begins to see society as a whole, with people being stricken into complex economic, social and political structures. In addition, the characters presented do not achieve their personal goals and aims anymore, what can be seen as a continuation of the already negative undertone in Bleak House. This attitude peaks in the creation of works, which provoked Thoreau's statement “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”. (McRae and Carter276)'
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