Sun, Moon and Stars

Author: Family p.
Pages: 90
Language: English
Publication date: 28/07/2021
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This eBook with its content, is certainly unique in the known history of mankind so far!
This eBook with its contents, is certainly unique in the known history of mankind so far!
This eBook contains many photos, which are a proof and make it easier for the reader to recognise the reality, which it is supposed to convey!!! A reality that is most likely unknown to most until now!!! 99.7% of the photos were taken by ourselves!

Here the climate madness, to leave the term fraud aside, is impressively explained / uncovered! Incl. evidence!!!
If you want to raise your awareness, you have come to the right place, that much is already fair-promised at this point!!!

However, much more is proven than just facts concerning the climate!!!

We are of course always available for questions, both by mail and in person!!!
As this eBook contains only a fraction of our photos = information, we hereby offer you that we will gladly provide you with more photos, which we can then do via email or you can simply come and meet us in person!!! ;)

For everyone who is familiar with the process of waking up, there will be aha-effects in this eBook, and very crass ones at that!!!!!.
Therefore, we can say that SMS really pushes the awakening process and you can help, each one of you!

Kind regards

Nick and Simone
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
A warm welcome!

"We are"...and different anyway...especially than most! ;)
But that makes us neither better nor worse, but simply different!

simone works as an employee in the public service (agriculture)!
nick drove trucks in long-distance transport until mid-2014 and then stopped!

The conditions were and still are simply unbearable!

We love travelling, deep conversations, the sea, the beach, the sun, nice people, animals, tropical fruits like mangos, papayas and coconuts, other healthy food, to have listed only a small part!!!
And yes, we still eat meat in between, with the emphasis here on STILL, so it's changing!!!

In Thailand, which we love very much, for many reasons, it's all much easier, with the = without meat!
For us, anyway, even though it smells like it everywhere! After all, there's a barbecue on every corner!

If you've never been there, you're missing out! The nature, including the people, is so beautiful, unbelievably great!
"Thailand-Forerver" gives you a small impression of it.

PLEASE don't be afraid to ask us any question you may have, it's completely open!
You are welcome to contact us at any time, in person, online or by carrier pigeon!!! ;)

You can put up your tent in the garden and watch us taking photos and convince yourself that our book "SMS" actually describes what actually happened!
Of course you can also leave it, the decision is yours, that offer stands (for itself)!!!
The truth always stands for itself!

But please not all at once...(LAUGH!)...always stay loose!!! :D


Because that's what everyone well-deserves!!!

We did the best we could to get our first books done!!!

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