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Discussing the most buzzeling questions in life during dinner time

Author: Islam Atef Aly
Pages: 105
Language: English
Publication date: 01/09/2017
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Jacob and his illusion who have opposing beliefs are discussing the most mysteri
The public is more familiar with the naive thinking about deep things. people can change their beliefs because of their misunderstanding or because they follow some wrong people thinking naively, you must get the truth path on your own, all humans were wrong, are wrong, will be wrong about some important cases. People might think that arguments of God are not evidence for God, people make twists for the presence of God and science. Another group of people will say Evidence is worthless without an argument pointing to the conclusion from the evidence, but if some one said that i will know that he is agnostic he is not sure. Proving God is real in my own power as a humane is like us trying to see other people’s thoughts. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not real. Like all the magnetic energy in the earth it’s real but we can’t see same with air, atoms etc. with the human eyes we just can’t see them. Unless we use high technology like microscopes and all that. Using philosophy will not give you evidence but just because you got no evidence doesn’t mean you can’t have a better logical idea that there has to be a God someone who’s already existed it doesn’t make sense that there are infinite amount of creators creating a God then another God on and on and on. You need to use your mind not just rely on evidence like where did our morality come from? What the hell is our purpose on this earth if there
is no God are we just here to live the way we want to? Because if a human lives the way they want to then there would be wars, rape, crimes, which are things happening right now because everyone have different perspectives on what is right and wrong. Now do we understand this is how you think without evidence! And who knows one day scientists might find the technology to prove God is real God gave us all a choice and scientists would rather make other things people are dying when it’s our choice to help others. If believers are wrong then were okay but if were right good luck.
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Islam Atef Aly is an author of fiction and non fiction writing, his major interest is in Cosmology and Psychology. Islam Has also an interest in history and philosophy. Islam has a role in the research community by making over 100 research papers in the period between 2015 - 2017, his research interest is in organic and cosmic origins, while his papers keywords are cosmology, quantum mechanics, relativity and quantum fluctuation.

Islam was born in Dubai, February 15, 1995 for Egyptian parents. He spent his Early childhood in Dubai before he had shifted to Egypt where he made his first story '' The kingdom '' at the age of nine.
Tags: Cosmology

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