The Unsure Male

Rationale for the Irrational

Author: roy t james
Pages: 70
Language: English
Publication date: 01/04/2013
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Vagaries of the male that explains the imponderable
The book begins by addressing a few simple questions like why is the male always in a hurry? Why is the male chauvinistic? Why is the male constantly at work? Is it to avoid going home? etc. The search of an answer, takes one to read the fundamental nature of life, a little differently:
-- Mating, an indispensable part of evolution, actually consist of three parts, pre-union preparation, union proper or the exchange of gametes, and the post union unrest. The male always is reluctant to participate in this pairing, due to the loud and clear anti-male ambience of post union stage. Therefore nature has to forcibly bring the male to the mating arena, circumventing the reluctance with the help of a dedicated season and other endearments through the female.
-- The only escape from the dreadfulness experienced during the post union stage of every instance of mating, is to evolve to next species.
-- New species therefore evolve, with more and more opportunities of allaying this dreadfulness, which amazes us by showing an “increase in complexity, as evolution moves ahead”
-- In the case of the final species of life, man, the escape route is a two forked approach.
One is a pre-emptive step. Stretch, whatever may be of interest to him, to its limits and immerse in it. Which is the origin of formalities, niceties and all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are helpful, enjoyable or life saving.
Another one is to keep women always well suppressed such that if at all they express dissatisfaction, it shall not be crossing the minimum threshold of oppressiveness necessary to upset the man.
However, discovery of VIAGRA has introduced a major non-linearity into the smooth flow of life, by having the potential to bring its facilitator, the dread of male female union, under human whims and fancies. This will in effect, render ‘all forms of extremes’, redundant, leading to unpredictable consequences.
(When writing this book, I never thought the ideas presented here in a lighter vein will prove to be of great significance, more so to the present global happenings)
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
An officer in Indian Navy, who after retirement, has chosen to convert to books, the jewels of his experience. For he was lucky to have had, in the form of colleagues, subordinates and superiors, a real, wide cross section of India, and quite a bit of the rest of the world. Hence it so happened, as during those years he being quite at home with people from entirely different backgrounds and consequently offered a kaleidoscopic view of society, he couldn't but reflect on human transactions in many colors, each of them leading to a horde of imponderables, human or non human, living and non living. Published four books, 1) The Unsure Male, a new look at the differences between male and female and what it does to evolution. 2) Caste: The Unexplored Territories, a new, bold, and different study of a perennial and the most potent social issue in India. 3) Glimpses of Autobiography, few thoughts, reflections and personalities that could have found a place in his autobiography, if he wrote one, and 4) Hubs that Provoke, a collection of the irrational, in what we see as some of the basic foundations of our life as a society.

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