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In this course work I aimed on shedding light on the construction of gender. In how far does it differ from sex, and what makes homosexuality a part of this debate? Furthermore, I would like to apply this concept of gender/sex to The Pet Shop Boys a read more ...
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This paper will be concerned mostly with the impacts of the mechanisation on Britain’s previously manual-labour-based economy and the resulting transformations of social life in the early 19th century. Since the Industrial Revolution is sometimes tho read more ...
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Background of and measures against hooliganism
Hooliganism is a wide spread phenomenon with a long tradition originally occurring in connection with football. Wherever football or other big sport events take place there are also lots of hooligans among the fans. They form a kind of gang. Ther read more ...
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The struggle between Du and Sie in the German language
The forms of address are continously subject to changes. They represent an invisible barometer for the public mood. When people feel free and not patronized, they tend to the liberal solidarity form “du”. Does the economic situation change to worser read more ...
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Facharbeit; ESSE 6 Conference, Strasbourg, 2002
The notion of transcendence is closely related to the tendencies and objectives of Heaney's poetics. Station Island poems depict the quarrel between free creative imagination and the constraints of religious, political and domestic obligation. They a read more ...
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