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Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Imaging
T2 relaxometry refers to the quantitative determination of spin-spin relaxation times in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Particularly in clinical diagnostics, the method provides important information about tissue structures and respective patholog read more ...
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in the Near Infrared Spectral Region
The present thesis is divided in three main parts. The following two chapters provide the theoretical background of the investigated physical effects. Chapter 2 deals with the spectral and spatial properties of solid-state lasers which are of particu read more ...
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Aspect-Ratio Aircraft in the Time Domain for ......
In this thesis, a methodology for modelling the dynamics of flexible aircraft in the time domain for aeroservoelastic investigations is developed. The methodology consists in extending the rigid-body equations of motion with the aeroelastic dynamics read more ...
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The book is devoted to the theory of development of the biological systems. The fundamental equation of life of a biological population, based on the general physical principles, allows us to get all the basic equations of population dynamics read more ...
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The Interconnectivity of Micro-Subatomic Electromagnetism to Universal Gravity
The Discovery of Light and Sound Creation, Gowen Law of the Conservation of Energy, and other proposed Scientific Laws of Universal Energy. “Great work, Daniel ! We're very happy you shared your theory, and good luck for your book! Best of luck!” read more ...
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New Renewable Electricity Sources
I gave up the industrial property rights of these inventions to contribute to the development of the field of renewable energy and to open new horizons to research in this field, which I consider as the only haven for humanity to get rid of water and read more ...
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