Seeds of a New Birth (Try Before You Buy Sampler)

A Bio-genetic Techno-thriller

Pages: 366
Language: English
Publication date: 26/10/2014
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Unlocking the Potential of the Mind Scientific Breakthrough... Or a Bad Idea?
Research geneticist and biogenetic engineer, Lionel Adams is onto something hot --the key to unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind. Everyone is interested in it. Bio Vita Tech, the research lab he works for, is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega-profits. So are their foreign competitors who are counting on their inside man at Bio Vita to deliver Adam's secret into their hands.

Everyone seems to want a sample of Adam's formula, except his college buddy, Flip MacDougal, who makes a surprise visit to Bio Vita to play a practical joke on his old friend. Unfortunately, it's Flip who ends up with the sample. His world is turned upside down as he struggles and maneuvers his way through the trouble he has gotten himself into as he unwittingly spreads his 'gift' to others.

Seeds of a New Birth is a technological thriller with a hint of romance (and yes, even sci-fi erotica) about a future where the highly volatile formula of biogenetic engineering coupled with corporate and personal greed threatens the course of human evolution and perhaps mankind's very existence.
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Orrin Jason Bradford is the pen name for visionary author, W. Bradford Swift. Swift/Bradford became an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction as an eleven-year-old boy when his next-door neighbor, a children's librarian, took pity on his single-parent mom. Bored out of his gourd with no one to play with but good 'ol mom, Swift/Bradford drove her crazy until Mrs. Crabtree brought home a stack of books she knew would hook a young boy and give his mom some relief. It worked. He’s been hooked ever since.

For the past two decades he’s been conducting an experiment. Is it possible to create a new context for life feels "divinely inspired" and true to his deepest values, his sense of what's possible, and true to his soul and spirit? If it is possible, what will be the results? Will it enhance his life and others? Will he experience a true sense of purpose and meaning? Will he know at the end of the experiment that his life has mattered?

Becoming a writer of visionary fiction and non-fiction has been an integral part of this experiment, as was co-founding Life On Purpose Institute with his wife in 1996. His other works of visionary fiction and nonfiction include:

Visionary Fiction

Seeds of a New Birth (written under the pen name of Jason Orrin Bradford)
Dominion Over All - A Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Book
Snow Leopard (A Digital Short)

Visionary Non-fiction

Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life
Spiral of Fulfillment: Living an Inspired Life of Service, Simplicity & Spiritual Serenity
Purposeful Prosperity

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