Simply Wisdom and Love

Author: Omnec Onec
Pages: 222
Language: English
ISBN: 9783981744132
Publication date: 01/04/2016
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Venusian Spirituality
The world as we know it is changing rapidly, the Transformation Process of the Earth is in progress. The current world system, in which a few powerful people control and manipulate others, is coming to an end. The Earth is ascending to a higher frequency. Thanks to courageous messengers such as Omnec Onec, we are reminded of what we have long forgotten: that our ancestors came from other star systems and galaxies. Our existence is not limited to the physical life we live. We are all Souls and universal beings, created by a loving Creator.

This book, Simply Wisdom and Love, provides readers with an opportunity to gain insight into Venusian Teachings.

Includes, The Unknown History of our Solar System and the Transformation of the Earth, spiritually and physically Unpublished texts by Omnec, like The True Story of Christ Original transcripts of Omnec's public appearances Upcoming projects initiated by Omnec, such as Omnec's Oasis - a Place to live in Harmony with the Universe

“The most important thing that people on Earth have to learn is to replace criticism and judgment with love and acceptance'. (Omnec Onec)
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Omnec Onec was born on a higher level of density on the planet Venus called the astral plane and came to Earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the Nineties, she became publicly known with her autobiography From Venus I Came (today part 1 of The Venusian Trilogy). This unique "autobiography of an extraterrestrial" was first published by the Ufo investigator and Us Air Force Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the Usa. In this book, Omnec portrays the life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles on Earth. It is Omnec's mission to share her spiritual knowledge and unconditional love with the people on Earth and to help raising the human consciousness.

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