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Not Your Typical United States History Book
After so many books have been written about the civil war, is there anything new left to say? Indeed there is as author Vernette Carlson proves in her new book. She provides a unique look at the critical antebellum and civil war years that is is both read more ...
9.20 €
The Culture of God and the Gods of Culture
This may sound like another catch phrase or academic marketing formula, for in our world of prevailing business cultures in Northwestern and increasingly also in Eastern and Southern Cultures and Civilizations, nothing sells without a mentally or phy read more ...
4.99 €
The European Union and its Southeastern Neighbours
This thesis analyses the discourse on the potential Southeastern enlargement of the EU since the Kosovo war. It focuses on the successor states of former Yugoslavia and assumes their interest in EU membership a given matter of fact. The central quest read more ...
19.00 €
Background of and measures against hooliganism
Hooliganism is a wide spread phenomenon with a long tradition originally occurring in connection with football. Wherever football or other big sport events take place there are also lots of hooligans among the fans. They form a kind of gang. Ther read more ...
7.00 €
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