Someday, I Will

Gunfighter's Graveyard

Author: Billy Guajardo
Pages: 400
Language: English
Publication date: 28/04/2020
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Three gunfighter ghosts tiptoe through a graveyard after waking in a lightning storm.
A Dark Fantasy Western Horror Novel. A Gunfighter with nothing left to lose will face another shootout to the death. Each gunfighter will rise from a grave in a graveyard bound for a town that did not exist anywhere. A name will rise many times with no comparison to the real name. One man with a Badge will enter a forbidden wax museum. A museum a dark Being placed there for his amusement. A Being I call the Bargainer. You call him the Devil.
He would bargain for almost anything and everything including your life? He would love a good bargain?
A creature will enter the town with bad intentions. A black leathery skinned scarecrow lives in the cornfield. He will take life when he can. An evil Grandmaster will visit the town with a Circus of Clowns. A flock of cemetery rats will tiptoe into town to feast on carnival treats. Every infamous gunfighter will visit the town during an electrical storm. Every gunfighter that time, law, and man forgot will again rise to greatness. He will take on any and every Lawman and Newcomer?
A prison of forgotten prisoners. Will finally leave the iron cage beneath the town and people. A prison of conniving, thieving, and murderous men. Men that ate one another to remain alive. since they ran out of food? Men that turned cannibal that suffered from malnutrition and slowly starved to death waiting for his cellmate to die? These men have never seen daylight for months. Now run into town once the gate finally rotted away. To fill his belly, and jowls with the living Town People's Meaty Meats. A Novel with 100,00 words more or less?

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Billy Guajardo

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