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32 steps To Living Your Best Life
PURSUING YOUR PERSONAL LEGEND « Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. » -KOBE BRYANT Many of us live by accident, i.e. we do not stumble upon a spouse, we embrace a career out of sheer vagrancy and seek the meaning of it all. We hope and read more ...
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No Real Heros Yet
A child who was murdered, but before that murder, her father had complained to everyone about investigators during a lost passport investigation threatening his life. or, were these people really hired killers. These so-called investigators used a ch read more ...
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Second edition
Passing and catching are two basic techniques in handball, which have to be continuously practiced and improved in training. The 25 practical exercises given here offer many variations to train passing and catching, both challenging and varied. A spe read more ...
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The Odyssey of a 73-Year-Old College Basketball Player
This is the story of a young Eastern Kentucky boy who achieved his dream of becoming a college basketball player, only to see his dream unfairly snatched away from him. But 53 years later he managed to revive his dream and return to the college baske read more ...
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