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A look inside the heads, the minds of Grand Prix champions, the fastest drivers
'Racing is life - anything that happens before is just waiting.'
- Steve McQueen (from the film Le Mans 1971)
A look inside the top two inches of the fastest drivers on planet earth – how and what they think”

'I did almost 200 races in Formula 1 and maybe only four or five times in my career did I really feel this magic experience that the car and you are as one. It s very difficult to explain and when you ‘re very demanding of yourself, you don't have this kind of experience very often. But at Monaco in 1986 I remember the whole weekend was like this, including the race. I was really flying and I could not see the speed. The speed meant nothing: to me it felt like I was driving at 50kmh.
I wouldn’ t describe it as a trance, because that implies that you're not in control of everything. In a way it was almost the opposite. Your mind is still focused; but it's really happiness. And you are fast. You know that both you and the car are really under control. Yet you are quick. Even if you decide to go a little bit slower, it doesn't make a big difference, because it is so easy. “
- Alain Prost (four-time World Champion driver)
“Many sportsmen experience the Zone once or twice a year. But somebody really good can create that on a regular basis and not have to wait for that day.'
- Jackie Stewart (Scottish three-time World Champion)

“Grand Prix racing is primarily a mental contest… it’s a battle of strength
of wills by the combatants and a magnificent contest, the arena to display
and share unique gifts and talents. Perhaps in this ‘theatre of speed’ F1 is a metaphor for
life itself”
- craig
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