St. Anselm's Ontological Argument for the Existence of God

Author: Rick Huffman
Pages: 4
Language: English
Publication date: 01/12/1999
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Does this famous argument prove the existence of God through reason?
Ontological arguments attempt to prove the existence of God through reason. One of the most famous, and strongest, ontological arguments was offered by the famous medieval thinker St. Anselm.
The ontological argument offered by St. Anselm can reasonably be argued to be the strongest among the arguments that purport to establish the existence of God through reason. It can also be argued that it is easier to be persuaded that ontological arguments are no good than it is to say exactly what is wrong with them. This essay will focus primarily on St. Anselm’s version, and attempt to do exactly that—show what is wrong with it. While the ontological argument may very well be the strongest argument for the existence of God through reason, the strongest of a weak set remains weak.
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Rick Huffman is a veteran of the United States Naval Submarine Service where he was among some of the first Americans to surface on the North Pole. He spent 20 years in television broadcasting and 5 years as a national long-haul trucker. His multiple and varied interests include philosophy as a passionate hobby.

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