Stripped Naked by a Stranger by her Living Room Window

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Language: English
Publication date: 09.10.2013
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Woman stripped naked by billionaire stranger by her window
His hawk gaze caught hers and a slight smirk welled on the right side of his

face as he walked brisk and straight up the sidewalk, shoulders back and

square, almost like a confident military officer – not a hint of laziness in

his posture, only power and drive. The silver buckle of his clip on belt

shimmered and gleaned as he approached her little garden fence. He slowed

down, her heartbeat lifted off like an aircraft and she felt the pulse quicken

in her wrists.

Imagine that!


'Of course!' Camilla chirped.

Of course? Not just 'sure!' but 'Of course!'? Said like that? What's wrong

with me? Yes of course!

Camilla couldn't help but blush intensely and a beaming wide smile opened over

her face reflexively. She felt her nipples prick as a huge flush gushed over

her body and the tingles cascaded like a waterfall.

You're in luck girl. Now – how to seduce him and get him up to bed before he

changes his mind?

Then she looked down and realised she was in her bare feet. Oh God the shame.

I forgot my shoes. My toes. I don't like my toes – they're too long surely.

And the tops of my feet are puffy.

Camilla looked back up to his big gorgeous face and to her horror realised he

read her mind. That beaming smiled turned into a subtle wicked grin – those

cheeky evil eyes as his gaze wandered all the way down her dress to her feet

then darted back to her eyes.

'I love your little feet.' He said, his smile softening and warming.

'They're about a size four aren't they? Just nice.'

Just nice for what? What will he do to my feet? What do I say now?


'Are you creative?' Camilla asked.

He smiled wickedly. 'I am. I'll show you soon.'


What would YOU do if a perfect billionaire stranger with looks superior to

every male Hollywood moviestar came coincidentally up your garden path and

knocked on your door? Would you open it? Would you let such an opportunity

go? Would you risk letting him in? Could you resist your own urge and manage

to behave yourself?

Our godlike hero strikes again in this mischievous series of wanton encounters

with perfection.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you'll get - and when

your time comes, what will you do? ;)
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
I am a libertine for whom all philosophy and religion must be centered around sexual pleasure and liberation! :)

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