Stripped Naked by a Stranger on the Highway

Pages: 19
Series: Stripped Naked by a Stranger (vol. 1)
Language: English
Publication date: 01/01/2000
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billionaire dares her to try public nudity by the highway then masturbates her naked in public
Her car breaks down along the highway and a hot god pulls over to help...

But very quickly things get shamefully steamy when he begins STRIPPING HER NAKED right then and there, by the highway - as he teases her with hot kisses, nibbles, pinches, tickles, fondles and caresses as all the traffic goes by flashing and honking!

She is soon FULLY BARED FOR ALL TO SEE and that's where the real fun begins. Explicitly he teases her, tortures her, masturbates her with his tongue and fingers, subjects her to DISGRACEFUL exhibitionism all of which she LOVES TOO MUCH TO CARE what everyone is seeing and thinking.

She can't help but blush crimson with shame as she is teased again and again - obviously enjoying all the hot attention he is giving her and what ALL THE HONKING TRAFFIC IS GETTING TO SEE!

She only has one question - will he take her back to his place once he's done?

His obvious answer is YES! This is only the beginning of the foreplay!

He carries her NAKED to his car as she recovers from her multiple public orgasms and promises her much much more later on...

This is a very explicit public nudity and exhibitionism story with EXTREMELY EMBARRASSING episodes of nerve wrecking public flashing. If embarrassed nude female scenario's make you very shy this is not the book for you! So you love clothed make naked female stuff? Go ahead then!
El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de esta entrada.
I am a libertine for whom all philosophy and religion must be centered around sexual pleasure and liberation! :)

I live a complete Naturist / Nudist lifestyle, I am a Hermetic whose spiritual interests span across the entire 'Pagan spectrum' from Wicca to GD and Thelema.

Come join me if you love public nudity, sexual liberation, a Magickal journey full of pleasure and awe!

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