Surfer Girl

Misfit Spies, Book 1

Author: Lynn Blackmar
Pages: 269
Language: English
Publication date: 25/05/2013
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Can an ordinary girl become a spy?
Arena Schmidt has no trouble surfing a big wave, but she faces more than she can handle after she witnesses the kidnapping of her roommate by a bunch of government agents on hoverboards. Arena steals a board to chase the kidnappers down, revealing her natural ability to fly the hoverboards. The CIA captures Arena and gives her an ultimatum: help them find the other boards or lose everything she loves.

Assigned to a geeky unit of spies known as 'The Misfits', Arena struggles to find out what happened to her roommate while recovering the boards for the CIA. Each Misfit offers a unique perspective and unconventional methods, from gorgeous martial arts master Nate to enigmatic analyst Sterling to bubbly, quirky Lorna. Arena finds herself in the middle of gunfights and high-speed chases, on the run from a sinister organization's treacherous double agent out to claim her and the hoverboards for their own.

Surfer Girl is an action-adventure young adult/adult crossover novel appropriate for ages 14 and up. There is moderate violence and several deaths.
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Lynn Blackmar is a graduate of a small college in Virginia and a former education writer. She lives in Atlanta with three cats and a two-foot koi, where she enjoys video games, tabletop gaming, ethnic restaurants, and siege weapons.

The Misfit Spies is the first action-adventure fiction series written by Blackmar. Book one, Surfer Girl, was released in July 2012. Rebel, book two of the Misfit Spies series, released in May of 2013, and Catalyst will be released in early 2014.

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