Invention: New technology to produce renewable energy by hydrostatic pressure

Author: Sadok JABLI
Pages: 15
Language: English
Publication date: 04/08/2020
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This is a description of my new invention «Hydrostatic machine » with all scientific and technical information proving the possibility of using hydrostatic pressure as a new source of renewable energy.
This invention is related to an hydrostatic machine submerged in water at a determined depth (10m, 20m, or deeper) which is used to produce renewable electric energy from the energy transferred by the action of hydrostatic pressure on the piston. It is a new technology to produce renewable energy at a very high conversion rate, totally independent from location and climate, at a very low manufacturing cost compared to other renewable energy sources.
I gave up the industrial property rights of this inventions to open new horizons to research in the field of renewable energy, which I consider as the only haven to get rid of water and food shortage problem
The document includes all required scientific and technical information
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