Free Energy Here and Now and Then

Velocity power sources

Author: Pat Sullivan
Pages: 68
Language: English
Publication date: 12/06/2012
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Theoretical explanation of the where and how to extract Energy from the Cosmos
WE take a brief walk through time to visit the laboratory of Michael Faraday, the first researcher that searched for free energy hoping to tap into the high-speed motion of planet earth in the 1830s.

Alexander Graham Bell who proved that it was a real thing when he tapped out messages in 1855 on his telegraph key using free energy.

The home that stayed toasty warm of Nathan Stubblefield using free energy in the 1890s.

Nikola Tesla who discovered and named the thing we call cold electricity.

Shearing force oil heaters, cold fusion. Proof of over unity of cavitation shock wave pumps.

Mr. Paine’s free energy electric saw of 1871.

Have you wondered if it all can be real?

What can explain where the free energy is coming from?

Power of the Cosmos. Believe it, its a here and now thing as it was then.

Free Energy Here and Now and Then.

Velocity power sources.

Planetary inertial field generators for clean unlimited free power 24/7 from Here and now and then, until eternity.

They're as real today as when Nathan Stubblefield heated his house with one over a century ago.

The hope is that the reader will be inspired to act and become part of the community that will be building the free energy over unity velocity power sources that our world so desperately needs.

Free Energy Here and Now and Then.

Velocity power sources.

The Four Elements of Free energy. The theoretical basis of how they operate.

1 High-speed earth motion.

2 Extra dimensional aspects explained

3 Magnetic and electrical prime components that comprise the thing we call electricity.

4 Relativity and how it can be crafted to create the time differentials that are used to power up our Free Energy machines

Why bread has more energy after yeast do their thing. Quantum tunneling and microorganisms.

All Explained in Free Energy Here and Now and Then. Velocity power sources.
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