Nations, Do Not Wait for the Energy Corporations!

Author: Clemens Hauser
Pages: 99
Language: English
ISBN: 9783981607413
Publication date: 05/09/2013
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Electricity price reduction by two thirds through “photovoltaic plug-in fields”
Your country can reduce the price of electricity by greater than half with clean power!

This book, written by marketing strategist Clemens Hauser from the “green energy country” of Germany, introduces a breakthrough concept in renewable energies worldwide. By implementing this concept, countries can reduce the price of electricity, heating costs and driving expenditures by greater than half with clean power. How? By consuming self-owned electricity from self-owned photovoltaic modules and wind power shares from “photovoltaic plug-in fields” in each regional county! A big advantage of this concept is that it works without the costly feed-in tariffs.

The book explains the details of the concept and identifies the advantages for the private user, the community, the country and ultimately the world. A step-by-step guide is included to outline the political and practical implementation.

Here a short explanation of the concept (excerpt from the text):

“To offer a solution to the current high-price energy problem, the market concept will show how the citizens, the communities and the state, together, could manage the following, within a maximum of two to five years:

-citizens can reduce their electricity price to 8-9 euro cents/kWh, or respectively to 10-12 dollar cents/kWh
-electricity will then be the most cost-efficient solution for heating and even more cost efficient for electric cars
-your country could switch to 80-100% clean energy, so that the turn to a sustainable energy supply could soon be finalized
-the new boom of clean energy production is possible even without any feed-in tariffs.

Sounds ambitious? With the right plan and the right planning everything can be accomplished! Don't you think so as well?

So, how do we achieve all that?

We will achieve the above-mentioned objectives through “photovoltaic plug-in fields” with automatic solar tracking, which are provided virtually free of charge by the county/rural district for the citizens and into which the naked photovoltaic modules and batteries will simply be plugged in.

As soon as the modules and batteries are plugged in, they deliver self-created and self-owned energy directly to the electric meter at home and at a long-term low price that only costs a fraction of the current household electricity price.

For the citizens, this means: Everyone can then produce his own low-price electricity, regardless of whether he is a house owner or a tenant.

The photovoltaic modules and batteries can be ordered directly via the county at the factory price, and they can be financed, with the help of the county's staff, through the national development bank. The procurement of the modules and batteries takes place with the concentrated buying power of all counties in your country as a result of which a respective discount from the manufacturers is obtained. This discount is passed on to the citizens without any markup. The financing occurs at 0.5-1% interest and with small, self-determined monthly rates.

In addition to saving money, there are even opportunities to earn additional money with the produced energy. The electricity surplus of the participants can be interchanged within the county community, or, organized by supra-regional cooperatives, it can be sold at the electricity stock exchange. In order for the private producers to achieve the most favorable price at the electricity stock exchange, the electricity will be intermediately stored – in order to achieve a stable flow – by the cooperatives.

For the colder and darker season (in case your country has a cold season) a certain amount of the self-produced energy is stored in gas form, converted via the Power-To-Gas method. The facility where it is stored is the national gas grid.

Additionally, the county sells shares of wind turbines and erects them according to demand.”

This book thus could be the still unofficial handbook to a full change to renewable energies in your country and worldwide.
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Clemens Hauser, geboren 1975, ist innovativer Entwickler für Produkt- und Dienstleistungsangebote sowie für ganze Marktszenarien. Akademisch und beruflich aus dem Marketing bzw. betriebswirtschaftlichen Bereich kommend, geht er in seinem ersten Buch die Vergünstigung der Energiepreise und die Durchsetzung der erneuerbaren Energien an, immer vor dem Hintergrund der Umsetzbarkeit und mit klaren Handlungsvorschlägen. Sein besonderes Augenmerk richtet er dabei stets auf den Nutzen sowohl für den Einzelnen als auch für die Gemeinschaft. So beabsichtigt er mit diesem Buch nichts Geringeres, als die Energiesituation weltweit durch eine neue und dennoch naheliegende Form der Verfügbarmachung von sauberer Energie völlig zu verändern. Besonders bemerkenswert ist sein positiver und praktischer Denkstil, der sich in seiner Arbeit widerspiegelt.

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